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GEPRC GEP-OX-H5 Pika Frame

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Light, agile and light like a Pika.

The new GEP-OX models are competitive, and the series is divided into three versions: GEP-OX-X, GEP-OX-S and GEP-OX-H, which represent the three different arm structures, True X, Stretched X and H. Different aircraft have different flight experiences.

In the competition, the design is light and the arms are designed to be narrow and small. On the arm thickness, the team decided on two thickness options, 4mm and 5mm, after considering various situations. Lens installation can only be equipped with Micro size lens, with lighter equipment to have more advantages. The fixation method of the arm with two screws is to cope with different situations and the quick replacement of the arm is an advantage of GEP-OX.

The frame also equipped with some 3D printing pieces to allow pilots to better fix the 5.8g and 2.4g antennas. This is a very nice design due to a 35 degree 3d-printed Session mount. In terms of the center of gravity, GEPRC designed the case where the battery can be placed either up or down, so that pilots can have better choices and matches the frame center of gravity.

Maintaining good quality, all 3K carbon fiber panels are also being upgraded. All fixed together with 12.9-grade YFS aromatic screws for extra bracing.


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